Dr .Alamoudi has chosen to break the silence and announce to the world her story about breast cancer in the hope that that her voice will reach every woman before it is too late. And for that purpose she believed that being just a doctor in a clinic wouldn't be enough, therefore, her goal has led her to take many paths resulting her great achievements for the last few years.
She had realized what effects media has on society, for this reason her work in this field was prominent. She has a column in Almadinah newspaper where she wrote about her journey in a series of articles. She also participated in radio programs and shows in Arabic and English TV programs such as ‘Good Morning America'. Documents (The breast cancer health global initiative,2010)  
She dedicated her time and effort for various influential positions.  Dr.Alamoudi  is the "Chairwomen of the Scientific Chair for Breast Cancer Research.CEO and Board member of Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi Center of Excellence in Breast Cancer.  Global Advocate Susan G Komen for the Cure, USA. King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia".Sheikh Mohammed Hussien AL-Amoudi Center of Excellence in Breast Cancer,files (King AbdulAziz University2010).
Dr.Alamoudi has held many lectures, raising awareness about breast cancer and calling for an early breast screening. However, lecturing just in Saudi Arabia wasn't enough for her, hence, she expanded her activities for supporting breast cancer in other countries such as Yemen and Ireland . Saudi breast cancer advocate shares know how in Yemen (A1saudiarabia, 2010) .Dr.Samia Alamoudi Campaigns against Breast Cancer in UK (King AbdulAziz University, 2010). She didn't just follow what people before her had done, she has created her own way. For example, she wrote the first book in Saudi Arabia about breast cancer in sign language for women who suffer from hearing difficulties.  First sign language book on breast cancer launched in the kingdom (Arab News, 2010).